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I want to love it, but...

I couldn’t believe this was available for download when I found it. My dad and I used to play Blackjack on this all the time!! As I started to branch out and learn some other games like craps, I started to notice how the game lets you ride a few good hands until the next thing you know, you’re in an avalanche of failure. I started betting Don’t Pass in craps, and as soon as the game picked up what I was doing, 7 never came out. Ever, which, in my little experience with the game, is completely unrealistic. It’s almost as if they’re trying to shield you from the euphoria of winning in this game, so that it won’t compell you to go to a real casino and blow all your money. If that’s their reason, I’m ok with that, but man!! You know how to kick a man when he’s down, Hoyle!!

Slots need improvements.

I mostly bought this app because I like playing the slot machines when I go to the local casinos. The problem with this game is 1) you only have two choices of screen size small and hard to see or large and slightly out of focus and 2) the payouts for jackpots are very few and far apart. I hit more jackpots at the real casinos that I do on this game, and it's suppose to be entertaining. I love the slot selection games but needs improvements.

Do not buy this POS

Worst game on iOS or PC. No matter how hard you try you can't beat any of the games, you win 2-3 hands, 2/3 roles name your game, it always comes back and breaks you to zero. You have 3 jacks, it comes back with 3 kings, or you get crap hands for an hour. You win 5 hands at Black Jack then all you get are crap cards and the dealer pulls 21 constantly. You roll on Craps and again you get busted out. I don't mind some give and take but this game and Hoyle have nothing to offer here. You would think they would want you to enjoy the experience once in a while to come back. I just ignore this piece of crap now and regret ever having bought the App. SAVE YOUR MONEY!


CRASH CRASH CRASH worst app ever!!!!!!!!!!

I played this version in the 90's

I used to love playing Hoyle Casino, but it looks like they are just rebranding to their best denominator. I think Zynga had taken over the online, but it used to be fully functional through the game itself. Now I don't see any way to play multi-player and they want money for a simple tech support question. It is a shame, the casino itself isn't even the most recent version of the the game and it appears you will be playing roulette with computerized gamblers...

Non Existent Customer Service

This company simply does not care...really. I contacted them to ask about an update or refund, because their software does not work with Mountain Lion. I got absolute silence (over one month now). So shameful. I actually like playing the Hoyle games, but I wasted $40 on 2 Holye games that don't work, and I can't seem to get a doggone refund (or an update to at least make it work). I think that if a company is listed in the App Store, they should play fair and abide by the rules of common descency.

Missing game features

There is no free bonus game of solitaire, the card docks are not customizable and you can not change the difficulty levels or the backgrounds. The description of the game is falsified.

Love it!

Bought the Puzzle and Casino apps and love them! The games, the environment, and the character/player interactions make this an impressive program overall.



Best Encore Version

This is the best version that Encore has made since they bought the game several years ago. The cards are big and easy to read like they were before Encore acquired it. I would have given it 5 stars except something is wrong in that when playing Texas Hole'em or Seven Card Stud, there are an unusually high number of 4 of a kind hands --- suspect this may be true in other games as well.

Hoyle Game is Okay

I wanted an app that offers a whole casino package, and this app provides that. It's primarily sound and once you get the hang of it the game can go by faster. So far i'm enjoying this and what new games for myself I could try! Probably the only drawback is the fun slots do have a lag in the turning of wheels. Also the game isn't as HD as the pictures make the game to be. Though I do trust the Hoyle brand for entertainment for a while and the complaints I have are just asthetics. 4/5 Hopefully they will make a improved HD app for Hoyle! :)

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